Waste Management In The Retail Industry

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Waste management for the retail industry - Efficiency in the management of internal resources

We specialize in waste management services designed to minimize the amount of waste generated for large retailers.

From supermarkets to warehouses, retail outlets manage a continuous and varied mix of waste on a daily basis, including cardboard and plastic packaging.

We act by minimizing this waste stream directly at the source, thus reducing the investment of time, space or financial resources for waste management.

Our analyses and solutions are designed to improve workflow both in stores and in storage or unloading areas by identifying handling issues. In this way, we manage to optimize workflows and at the same time contribute to a clean and ecological image.


Waste management solutions in the retail industry


Bulky packaging

Bulky packaging waste can create many challenges in a production facility.

Sorting and compaction

Eltex offers sourcing and compaction services at the source, thus solving the problem of volumes displaced by bulky packaging from the factory.

Returns and scrapping

The retail industry is facing the problem of returns, from clothing to expired products that can no longer be sold. Returns are seen and treated as a "cost center" and difficult to manage when there are large and mixed quantities.

Separate flows

This range of returned or scrapped goods can be capitalized on. Our process includes sorting, separating and defining by types of waste and treating and recycling them in separate streams, managing to recover as much value as possible.

Disposal in large quantities

Sometimes it is necessary to dispose of large quantities of non-compliant products, whose shelf life is too short or whose packaging is changing.

Disposal solutions

Eltex offers tested scrap services for both liquid and solid products of various sizes and shapes.

Very large quantities following the black-Friday type events

Manufacturers, distributors have surplus products to ensure black - Friday events, holidays or official events.

Staff trained on request

Eltex provides trained staff in each factory / warehouse, both for the management of daily activities and for special situations that require additional workload (holidays or various buy-back campaigns).

We act from the heart of our customers' business

Integrated system right from the production flow

We offer control and transparency because we operate on location

We bring in trained operators for consistent performance

We start any process with an evaluation and a technical expertise

Începem orice proces cu o evaluare și o expertiză tehnică

We offer support in control or external audit situations

Waste management assessment

Get a better understanding of the waste streams that your factory generates, reduce costs, and increase recycling rates with a waste management audit, no strings attached.


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