Reducing The Carbon Footprint -
CO2 Emissions

Reducing the carbon footprint:
We change the route of contaminated waste

The carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (expressed in units of CO2 equivalent) generated directly and indirectly by a company’s activities and operations. 

Depending on the data available, a company can calculate its own carbon footprint for its direct activities or extend the calculation to value chain activities.

Reducing CO2: Our process

Our process for reducing the carbon footprint involves identifying alternative solutions for waste management processes (calculating CO2 emissions from collection, transport, processing and treatment processes) and applying low-impact variants in terms of climate impact.

CO2 footprint reduction: How does it work?

Our integrated waste management system is based on the hierarchy of waste management: reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal.

These steps describe how waste should be treated, with waste reduction having the highest priority and disposal being the lowest.

By integrating these practices into your business, you can improve your waste management results and reduce your carbon emissions by up to more than 50% in this business.

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Carbon reduction

Why to choose us to reduce your carbon footprint?

In the almost 30 years since we have been on the market, we have understood that the most important thing is to understand in depth what the needs and challenges of our customers are. Thus, we managed to support them on the road to sustainable performance.

Free assessment of waste management processes

We build a solution perfectly adapted to specific needs

We make sure you reach new performance levels

Key questions

To analyze the waste streams generated by your company, we carry out a free on-site assessment. Once the current situation of the company is determined, we turn to the best recycling and waste recovery solutions. Thus, we manage to reduce CO2 emissions and get closer to a circular economy.
The modular waste management system is fully adaptable to the specific needs of your company. Right from the time of your free in-house assessment, we offer total flexibility and the right resources to get your company's waste down sustainable paths and reduce your carbon footprint.
With specialized technical equipment and experts in sustainable solutions, we ensure that all our activities result in optimizing costs, turning waste into resources and reducing CO2 emissions by up to more than 50%.