Over 30 years in industry

We reuse, recycle and dispose of industrial waste in an environmentally responsible manner

We are leaders in industrial waste management, offering a solution that can be implemented immediately, without the need for intermediaries.

Inovatie in Waste management

Our innovative waste management services mean more than just emptying containers and transporting them.

Financial efficiency

Reduce waste disposal costs and make recycling more efficient.

Low environmental impact

Reduce your environmental impact by efficiently managing your waste and implementing a 'zero waste to landfill' plan.

Save time

Save time because our experts will handle your waste right inside the factory.


  1. We are increasing the amount of recycled waste

2. We reduce waste management costs


3. We offer the guarantee of conformity

Performance at the highest level

We manage waste for some of the largest manufacturing companies in Romania and offer real and measurable results


1 mil. €
Savings generated

Reduced b

1 %
the amount of non-recyclable materials

Increased by more than

1 %
the amount of valuable waste

Reduction of external transport by

min. 1 %

Integrated Waste Management Service

A tested system built to take full responsibility for waste management from your team.

Punctual services

We cover all waste streams directly from your production line or from your location. We offer our services on time, precisely because we adapt accurately to special needs.


The companies we stand by

Waste management assessment

Get a better understanding of the waste streams your factory generates, reduce costs, increase your recycling rate, and lower your carbon footprint with a waste management assessment, no strings attached.