Depollution And Decontamination Of Packaging

We change the route of contaminated packaging from landfill to turning them into new resources

Depollution & decontamination: We change the route of contaminated waste

Materials that cannot be easily recycled often end up in landfills. Usually, general waste, which includes items such as contaminated packaging, low-quality plastics, product packaging, and polystyrene, ends up in landfills. We can change their path

Our responsibilities

We manage batches of non-compliant products from production.

We manage batches of non-conforming products from production

We manage non-compliant batches of expired products

We avoid the risk of them reaching the population

We make sure that they do not end up in the landfill

Depollution: How does it work?

Batches of contaminated products are identified and taken separately from other types of waste, our goal being depollution, directing them where appropriate for reuse, thus significantly reducing the volume of waste generated and thus the costs of managing them.

Why us!

In the almost 30 years since we have been on the market, we have understood that the most important thing is to understand in depth what the needs and challenges of our customers are. Thus, we managed to support them on the road to sustainable performance.

Free assessment of waste management processes

We build a solution perfectly adapted to specific needs

We make sure you reach new performance levels

Key questions

The free assessment by our experts is essential for analyzing your company's waste streams in terms of the risk they pose to the environment and public health. After we provide solutions, we redirect the waste to a sustainable and beneficial route.
Our modular waste management system is based on four pillars: transparency, safety, flexibility, and efficiency. We adapt our solutions to the needs of your company and provide the best performing human and technical resources to turn your losses into resources and eliminate the risk of contamination.
Our mission is to improve your company's waste management system. This is reflected in the efficiency and effectiveness of our solutions, the cost savings resulting from the adoption of sustainable solutions, the resources gained through the recovery of waste, and the depollution of packaging.