Environmental Risk Assessment & Management

Environmental Risk Management - Guaranteed compliance

Our environmental risk assessment & management services ensure that your waste is managed in accordance with all industry laws and regulations.

We are here to eliminate the stress of waste management by allowing you to focus on running your business.

Our Process Of Environmental Risk Analysis And Management

By understanding the issues, we can work together to signal any areas of non-compliance, preparing an action plan to ensure improvements and eliminate environmental risk factors.

Environmental Risk Management: How Does It Work

We organize permanent training of our colleagues, we use collection containers suitable for each type of waste, we secure hazardous waste, we transport them to storage areas, respectively we organize these areas and transports according to the compatibility of waste (e.g. “depending on physical and chemical properties , compatibility and the nature of the extinguishing agents that can be used for each category of waste in case of fire, so as to ensure a high degree of protection of the environment and public health in accordance with Article 20, including ensuring the traceability from the place of generation to the final destination, according to the provisions of Articles 49 and 60 ”- waste legislation 211/2011.

We equip the storage areas with quick intervention kits in case of accidental spills – in case of liquid waste – and with specialized vacuum cleaners or holding tanks. We secure flammable waste from all other waste.

We create special streams for hazardous waste, label and record in the system right from the place of generation – this way accidental mixing is avoided.

Through the physical presence of our colleagues in the generation areas, together with you we can pay attention and be involved in the pre-collection method, avoiding unwanted mixing and contamination.

Why To Choose Us!

In the almost 30 years since we have been on the market, we have understood that the most important thing is to understand in depth what the needs and challenges of our customers are. Thus, we managed to support them on the road to sustainable performance.

Free assessment of waste management processes

We build a solution perfectly adapted to specific needs

We make sure you reach new performance levels

Key questions

The free internal audit is essential to analyze the waste streams generated by your company. We identify the main environmental risks and action points and provide the most suitable waste management solutions.
The modular waste management system provides complete flexibility when it comes to your company's needs. We identify the main environmental risks and customize the route of each type of waste generated by your company, in order to be recycled.
We find out what are the main environmental risks your company faces and we develop sustainable solutions. The metrics are a very good indicator, from optimized costs, to the number of losses transformed into resources and to the percentage of more than 50% of reduced CO2 emissions.