Waste Management In The Household Appliances & Tools Industry

Household appliances and tools industry

Waste management for the household appliances & tools Industry - Flexibility for secure procedures

Whether you focus on consumables production or research and development, our flexible and experienced team provides responsive support, hands-on expertise and efficient management to ensure supply chain integrity.

The high number of plastic parts, the difficulty of collecting them on each polymer from injection machines, bulky waste or atypical packaging are a challenge for any waste management process.

But, through our team of experts, we are always able to find the right solutions, both in terms of costs and in terms of the sustainability of the solutions.

As a result of our total waste management solution, the amount of recycled materials increases significantly, and through the transparent procedures we make available we offer a new standard on the control, management and understanding of waste streams.


Waste management solutions in the household appliances and tools industry

The problem

Large volume of waste

Large volumes of waste are often a logistical nightmare that results in the loss of considerable amounts of recyclable waste.
The solution

Dedicated collection

Eltex offers complex collection management and effective collection services, involving its own resources to completely reduce losses.
The problem

Many types of polymers

The use of various types of polymers and their mixing at the time of collection, makes them non-recyclable and even costly.
The solution

Separate collection systems

Eltex has the expertise to offer separate collection systems, directly from the machines, of valuable polymers, thus making it possible to recycle and capitalize on them.
The problem

Industrial espionage

The danger of theft of components for industrial espionage is very high.
The solution

On-site disposal

Eltex offers controlled destruction services in the factory yard through a high security process that leads to almost complete elimination of risks.

We act from the heart of our customers' business

Integrated system right from the production flow

We offer control and transparency because we operate on location

We bring in trained operators for consistent performance

We ensure legislative compliance through advice and support

We start any process with an evaluation and a technical expertise

We offer support in control or external audit situations

Waste management assessment

Get a better understanding of the waste streams that your factory generates, reduce costs, and increase recycling rates with a waste management audit, no strings attached.


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