Waste Management In Home Care, Personal Care & Cosmetics Industry

Homecare, Personal Care & Cosmetics

Waste management sollutions for home care, personal care & cosmetics industry - New challenges and innovative solutions

The cosmetics and personal care industry needs to comply with new consumer requirements and stricter regulations on reducing the total amount of packaging.

This can be done using more recyclable materials and reusable packaging.

Packaging is the largest generator of plastic waste and is one of the main targets for achieving environmental goals.

We develop customized solutions for large volumes of packaging waste, for non-compliant products resulting from the change of items or for quantities of waste with a risk of contamination for other products.


Waste management solutions in the home care, personal care & cosmetics industry


Production waste

Some production processes generate waste that carries significant treatment and disposal costs.

Alternative recovery solutions

Eltex has developed alternative solutions for the recovery of production waste, reducing or completely eliminating costs for the factory.

Improper capitalization and counterfeiting

Production waste can have a negative effect if it is recovered, copied or if its handling violates the strict rules of waste management.

On-site controlled destruction

Eltex offers controlled waste disposal services right inside the factory.

Organic waste and sludge

Some production processes generate large amounts of organic waste and sludge which becomes a significant challenge for production units.

Composting and dehumidification services

In response to this problem, Eltex offers services for composting organic waste and dehumidifying areas with sludge.

Disposal in large quantities

Sometimes it is necessary to dispose of large quantities of non-compliant products, whose shelf life is too short or whose packaging is changing.

Disposal solutions

Eltex offers tested disposal services for both liquid and solid products of various sizes and shapes.

We act from the heart of our customers' business

Integrated system right from the production flow

We offer control and transparency because we operate on location

We bring in trained operators for consistent performance

We ensure legislative compliance through advice and support

We offer support in control or external audit situations

Oferim suport în situații de control sau audit extern

Waste management assessment

Get a better understanding of the waste streams that your factory generates, reduce costs, and increase recycling rates with a waste management audit, no strings attached.


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