Assessment on request

The Eltex Assessment Visit will help you better understand your waste operations and how each process affects your results and what is the environmental impact.

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How does it work

We identify the challenges
and we generate optimization solutions


The main stages of the assessment

  1. We analyze the waste stream from the place of generation to recovery
  2. We identify waste reduction solutions
  3. We identify opportunities for cost optimization
  4. We find opportunities to increase revenue from waste generated
  5. We identify solutions to increase the degree of recyclability and recovery
  6. We find innovative solutions for organizing indoor spaces dedicated to waste
  7. We highlight potential compliance issues regarding environmental protection.
Recycled waste in excess of 130,000 tons per year.
Reduction of CO2 emissions of over 40,000 tons per year.
1 mil. €
Savings generated for our partners of over € 10 million per year.
1 mil. €
Earnings generated for our partners of over € 20 million per year.

    Ask for an assessment visit

    We identify the main site-specific waste challenges and improvement opportunities.


    We're turning losses into resources

    With a better understanding of waste streams, we can help you reduce costs, increase your recycling rate, and lower your company’s carbon footprint.