Recovery, capitalization, recycling

Innovative industrial waste management in Romania


An intelligent waste management system tailored to your needs!

We turn waste into resources through transparent and efficient processes, built for sustainable performance.

Integrated waste management system – One Stop Shop

Flexibility and efficiency.

We build solutions based on detailed technical expertise to make sure that they meet the specific requirements accurately and efficiently.

Our solutions have the ability to quickly integrate into the production flow

Our goal is to transform waste management & recycling through innovation, in order to build an industry that uses sustainable resources.

The circular economy

We are acting today for tomorrow's change

We are at the forefront of the transition to the circular economy.

We aim to completely eliminate wastage, so we invest time and resources to develop new, sustainable and high-performance solutions.

“We believe that we have the responsibility to create a sustainable future with our customers.”

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We act from the heart of our customers' business

Integrated system right from the production flow

We offer control and transparency because we operate on location

We bring in trained operators for consistent performance

We ensure legislative compliance through advice and support

We start any process with an evaluation and a technical expertise

We offer support in control or external audit situations

Complex waste management services tailored to the needs of any industry

We have developed waste management and transformation solutions based on the actual needs of our customers.

Our results

Leaders in waste management and recycling for 30 years

We manage waste for some of the largest manufacturing companies in Romania and offer real and measurable results.
1 t/an
Waste recovered in excess of 24,000 tons per year.
1 t/an
Reduction of CO2 emissions of over 40,000 tons per year.
1 mil. €
Savings generated to our partners of over 8.2 million Euros per year.
1 mil. €
Earnings generated for our partners of over 19.4 million Euros per year.

Acoperire națională

Activăm în locațiile clienților noștri!

National Coverage

We can take our services to any production unit in Romania, offering the same performance indexes and the same support anywhere.

Focus on efficiency

We do our best to bring as many processes as possible close to your production facility in order to maximize waste processing rates.


Companies we stand by

Waste management assessment

Get a better understanding of the waste streams that your factory generates, reduce costs, and increase recycling rates with a waste management audit, no strings attached.