What advantages can Eltex offer if I choose to use your services?

Our staff are professionals and we can advise you on the relevant regulations. We use the latest technology in the treatment of waste and can find the best solutions for your needs. We handle a large volume of waste continuously, so we are able to offer extremely competitive prices for your surplus materials

If I choose to move my waste handling services to Eltex, how long will the changeover take?

The transfer of services will depend on the size of the enterprise and the quality of waste materials produced. From previous experience with our largest partners, the preparation period should not take more than six weeks. The actual work of installing the new system and getting it operational will be take just one day.

Does Eltex have all the correct permissions to deal with and transport both hazardous and non-hazardous waste?

Yes, we meet all the requirements of the authorities in waste handling and transport and are regularly inspected.

Which quality control systems does Eltex use?

Eltex is certified to ISO standard 14001:9001. We follow this system and continually develop it and have been inspected regularly over the last 10 years.